Specific software features

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User friendly environment

This software has been developed with a user-friendly environment and various settings for personalization, and is able to provide computational results by drawing various graphs and tables.

Utilization of all available methods

This software is able to study the accuracy of 93 hydraulic equations in estimating bed, suspended and total load, and by fitting regression lines and training artificial neural networks is able to hydrologically investigate sediment load in rivers. It is also able to solve complex methods such as Einstein, Tofalti, Samaga et al

Analysor models

This software is equipped with one-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional models such as Shiono and Knight model and will be able to easily calibrate and validate flow parameters using Genetic Algorithm

Increasing accuracy in estimating sediment load

This software is able to increase the accuracy of sediment load estimations by using the results of Shiono-Knight quasi-two-dimensional model in different hydraulic sediment estimator models and also by using intelligent algorithms such as Genetic Algorithm for optimization and training artificial neural networks.

Capability of storing and reloading data

Creating a database for each project, saving and reloading data entered by user and calculated by software. capability of defining infinite river with different sections and separate sediment series for each river is noticeable.

Utilization of Satellite Images

This software is able to add geometric data and introduce different cross-sections by utilizing satellite images in aid of QGIS software. The use of accurate flow cross-section will provide accurate calculation of hydraulic parameters of the studied section and eventually it will increase the accuracy of the whole computation process

STE is an engineering software, designed to perform hydraulic calculations and sediment estimations. Due to the fact that “accuracy” has been one of the concerns of hydraulic engineers in calculating sediment load in rivers for long time and due to the high volume of hydraulic calculations, different methods for estimating sediment load, attendance of different parameters in these equations, the number repetitions that is needed for calculating different data, difficulty in concluding from the large volume of numbers obtained and etc, the need for a software which is equipped with up-to-date equations and algorithms with a user-friendly environment which developed to increase the accuracy and eliminating possible errors is quite noticeable.

STE software with its unique features in entering initial and measured data, analyzing of river hydraulic parameters, analyzing different sediment series, data classification, performing sediment load computations, analyzing obtained results and accuracy improvement methods such as calibration coefficients, merged and modified equations, training ANNs and etc, is designed to reduce the time required to perform calculations and increase accuracy to help engineers spend less time on calculations and focus more on proving their hypotheses and conclusions.

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